Numerous visitors to Canada will be exposed to Inuit art (Eskimo art) sculptures while touring the country. These are the stunning handmade sculptures sculpted from stone by the Inuit artists residing in the northern Arctic regions of Canada. While in some of the major Canadian cities (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec City) or … Read More

Regularly, whenever anyone thinks about the concept of making a purchase online or sending their credit card info by means of the internet, they might tend to wonder about the security aspect surrounding these types of web deals. The same type of concern rings true for those people that are interested in amusing themselves by making… Read More

Art theft is an ancient and complicated criminal offense. When you take a look at the some of the most famous cases of art thefts in history, you see thoroughly planned operations that involve art dealerships, art fakers, mobsters, ransoms, and millions of dollars. Here you can check out a few of the most well-known cases of art theft in th… Read More